Partners support services

This project has been realized to create a network among national and international centres and physicians dealing with monogenic and polygenic autoinflammatory diseases. You may join our network in order to share altogether knowledge, experience, information and different perceptions on the clinical, therapeutic and research approach in the field of autoinflammatory disorders.

We may offer our help to facilitate your participation to the AIDA network. In particular, we can provide most of material and forms required by your Ethics Committee and we can furnish material you need to complete for participation. In addition, we may guide you in filling in the forms we ask to complete in order to share clinical information from patients you decide to enroll.

We can share with you our platform to create new registries regarding autoinflammatory disorders not yet included in AIDA project. Therefore, if you are interested with a specific disorder, you can share your idea with AIDA network in order to realize your project.

You can also come up with new ideas for future research efforts that can benefit from our platform, thus helping us in conceiving realizing and writing out projects and papers for studies on the field of monogenic and polygenic autoinflammatory diseases.

We are also available for sharing difficult or intriguing clinical cases in the context of monogenic and polygenic autoinflammatory diseases.

For all these you can contact us by writing to